Culinary tours of Poland

Poland is a magical country with many legends, historical places, beautiful nature and hospitable people, however, something that makes the country really unique is its rich cuisine. The food produced in fields unspoiled by pesticides or herbicides and produced with traditional methods is tasty and healthy. People who visit Poland say, that they will never forget the dishes they tasted during their Polish tours. Every region has its own delicious viands, some of which are eaten on special days or occasions. Never will anyone taste something so special as Polish Oscypek unless they decide to travel to Poland. That is why it is worth spending some time in the country and trying at least some of the tastes.

Solitary visit or organized tour to Poland?

To see and experience as much as possible and taste some of the most extraordinary dishes it is much better to use the services of a Polish travel agency that organizes such a culinary tours of Poland. There are numerous places which should be visited for those who want to learn more about the long rich history of the country and see historical sites and buildings from previous centuries. One of the offered tours of Poland is visiting the south of the country with Cracow, Łańcut and Zakopane, where Oscypek – a kind of smoked cheese should be tasted. Apart from that delicacy, Kwaśnica – sauerkraut and potato soup is worth trying. Greetingsfrompoland, the best travel agency in Poland which arranges such trips, has something for everyone.

Another tour which can be chosen leads to the north and the main cities are Gdańsk, Toruń and Malbork where, apart from visiting some historical places and medieval castles, tourists will be able to taste traditional Kashubian dishes, delicious freshly smoked fish from the Baltic Sea, pork chops with boiled sauerkraut and kartacze, a sort of dumplings stuffed with meat. During this trip the attendants will be given a lecture on Polish traditional cuisine in Warsaw.

The last but not the least suggested trip is to Silesia region during which tourists will have the opportunity to learn about pigsticking tradition on a farm near Opole where they will also be served a country dinner and have opportunity to sample traditionally made Polish beer. As they come to Wadowice, the place of birth of John Paul II, they will have the chance to try his famous cream pie, that he longed for while being in Rome.

To whom are guided tours in Poland dedicated?

Some people want to see more places, treat the tour as a pilgrimage to Poland, prefer experiencing foreign country on their own or are simply interested in different things. For them the travel agency in Poland organizes such trips during which they may create their own programs. During these trips to Poland they may spend time as they like and definitely see and taste more. They are able to eat in small local inns, restaurants, and even in private homes. Guided tours of Poland give them such opportunities because their guides are familiar with the places the tourists want to visit. Everyone who is willing to take part in one of the trips should contact the Polish tours agency which will enable them to fulfill their needs.

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