asbestos removed from any flue pipes

Have you ever worried about safety of any flue pipe in your house in terms of asbestos? Most of us have not, since presence of asbestos is not something that spring to one’s mind when thinking about safety at home, and chiefly in the flue pipes. The use of asbestos in flue pipes is mostly unknown for people, fortunately there are companies like Blue A Ltd which specialises in removal and disposal of asbestos, and identifying the types of asbestos in many construction elements like insulation boards, corrugated sheets, soffits, lagging insulation, shingles, floor and vinyl tiles, piping and roofing materials, as well as in aforementioned flue pipes (for example in water heating installation, or furnaces or fireplaces, especially in the chimneys). This company operates in United Kingdom, and is renowned for their efficacious methods of surveying, testing, sampling, removal, collection and disposal of this dangerous material that are in compliance with all the safety regulations proposed by government bodies like CHAS, HSE, ARCA.

Why you should be concerned about asbestos containing materials in flue pipes?

Many of flues were built of materials that contain this toxic set of minerals. In most houses flue pipes are placed within different sorts of heating insulation. Nowadays, not many people think about them as treacherous, and that is justifiable, of course. Yet, prior to 1999 many of flue pipes were made of asbestos containing materials or were insulated by them. Over the years, this elements decay, and fibrous types of asbestos may crumble and become airborne, which is why people living close to it start to face a threat to their health posed by friable and inhalable fibres of asbestos.

Why you should contact a certified asbestos removal consultant?

Predominantly because it is not easy to determine whether a given flue pipe was made using asbestos containing materials. It becomes more probable if the house was built before 1999, and still you may not be sure. Blue A Ltd offers you a scrupulous survey and testing (based on sampling from a given element) that will reveal if there are any traces of asbestos and provides you with detailed management plan concerning asbestos removal, collection and disposal. If you believe that you may need to have asbestos removed from any flue pipes, contact Blue A Ltd for advisory services. What is worth underlying is that the company performs their services with utmost care of safety, and in efficient and affordable way.

Our asbestos services

  • Sampling
  • Surveying
  • Air testing
  • Waste disposal
  • Testing
  • Removal

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